Friday, March 25, 2011

Cycles of Alasphel's Realm - The Summon

Again, the time has come when I need to open my realm. There is one door. Many will come in. Some will not come out. Only one will stay at the end.
The realm needs a host. It cannot live without someone to hold it and take care of it. It needs help to live and alone I cannot do it. I created the realm. I hosted it for a very long time but as time pasted, it got bored of me. It couldn't live with only me. It wanted something new, something fresher. About each two hundred years, it requires a new host. Someone that would hold the energy of the realm. The whole knowledge of it. The whole power of an extraordinary world where time is slowed down and knowledge of life and death becomes a common thing. Creation becomes the true power. Anything can exist in my realm.
The host can be anyone. As long as they dedicate their entire life to it. They shall have nothing to hold them back to their original lower realm. If accepted, they could gain all that knowledge. They could even keep that knowledge as long as they remain in the realm when a new cycle begins.
Many try. Most of them fail. Some get lost.
One remains.

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