Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo August 2011 - Almost done!

It's still camp NaNoWriMo and I haven't been able to publish all the story of Cycles of Alasphel's Realm.

Sorry sorry sorry!

On the other hand, the story is taking a very good shape, to me at least! I will need to edit this whole story and probably repost it all over again. That includes quicker publication! I think I was a bit too optimistic when I decided to publish each day what I had written. Writing and editing at the same time was stressful and I wasn't convinced that the text I was about to publish was correct or would not change because of the rest of the story not totally settled in my head. Writers I know would say: "I knew it was a bad idea!" Perhaps, but I prefer to test it myself. Not that I don't trust any of these advice, but I am reading so many different views over writing, editing and publishing that it becomes difficult to accept an idea without testing it. At least partially.

I am happy I tried. Along with the story that was developing in my head and on my keyboard, I have been able to understand some of these advices I have been reading. Like one I am not very proud: I don't plan enough. I usually have a amazing idea and I build a world around it and characters and scenes and plot turns but I gets all scrabbled in my head and when it is time to write them I am completely lost or I just forget them. Then, I remember them later and I am disappointed because the story as evolved in a way that it would be illogic to bring that scene or even a whole character.

I recently read an article, The Craft List, about planning from a very over achieving planner, but I think that there are very good ideas that could be used by "ordinary" people.

Also, on the same blog, I found that tool, TiddlyWiki, to be very useful as describe by the author of the post. It took me about half an hour to understand of it works and see the potential of a tool like this and I will definitely create Chronicles of the Bold: the Source, which will include all my writings worlds, characters, places, objects, etc. I'm not ready to think about publishing it yet, but the tool makes it very easy to do so if needed, even parts of it.

Back at writing now. I need to finish that story! 430 words that do not count! Arg!


  1. Yay, glad the posts at Wicked & Tricksy are useful to you! And damn, almost done? I'm still way behind. XD

  2. I'm a bit behind but I'm at 34K. Just let your magical fingers write and you will be done. I know you can!! *\o/*