Monday, September 26, 2011

Drabble Day - Train

Here is a little writing challenge I've decided to participate. It comes from a friend and you can read the post and even participate!

Here is my drabble about the word "train". It's the first idea that came over:

I am finally leaving. I feel relieved and lighter. The stress is gone and I can now focus on my dreams and objectives. I am free of that city and its people oppressing me. I was never home there. They never accepted who I am; no matter how many of them have tried to help me. But they never really wanted to help me. They all tried to change me. To fix me and make me as perfect and well-mannered like them. That train is pulling me free from them. Free from their judgment over dead bodies I left there.


  1. Kudos on your first participation to the Drabble day! This story is very intriguing, a mix of hope, sadness and grim. I hope you'll be back again next week!

  2. so he's on a train, leaving wreckage behind!
    great job =)