Friday, September 2, 2011

It's over! (For now!)

Yes! It's over! I did it again to write 50 000 words (50 025 to be exact) in a month and this time was during Camp Nanowrimo, the newest tool from The Office of Letters and Light.

I am happy it is over because writing in August was not like in November. It was harder and keeping the pace was difficult. In fact, I think I was on target only one day during the whole month. Which is not the way I usually perform during NaNoWriMo. Looking at my stats was mainly a source of deception and stress so I used to look at it less and less. I mainly looked at the date I was going to end if I would continue at this pace. It kept me forgetting to give me time to write.

This month was harder because at work it was a vacation time, so I needed to replace people, I had to work over night, I had to attend meetings for the Communauté Agile que Québec, I had aikido trainings, the hot sun was calling me outside, I had many many many unplanned things that kept me away from my keyboard. Usually, I don't have all that during November. At least, not that much. Is it a good thing to write during August? Totally! It woke me up and remembered me that I needed to write and use my imagination. It was a very good training for November and not to forget: I wrote a novel! 50 025 is a pretty good novel and I managed to write my whole story and I am missing only a few holes here and there. Editing is going to be fun, I have a good feeling about it!

One other thing, I managed to write down another draft. That means my imagination will relax a bit about this story since it has been written. Of course, my imagination is already thinking for a sequel (!) but I don't plan to write it before editing the first part.

This brings me to what I will do until November arrives:

  • Decide how I will approach editing. This is still new and I need a plan that will evolve as I am learning.

  • Resume editing Débordement Imaginaire. Yep, I will structure my leprechauns and polish that story (around 100K words by now)

  • Find my novel idea for November. I'll open my plot bunny note-book.

  • Brainwash people to do NaNoWrimo. Already 3 during August!

  • Read a bit. I still have a lot of stuff I want to read.

I like writing!

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